Free Full Football Summer Workout & Conditioning Program


Performing a summer strength and conditioning program is beneficial for football players striving to increase in strength, speed, conditioning and muscle mass. The free programs also benefit football players who can't afford to hire a personal trainer or coach. Free workouts performed should be created by a strength and conditioning coach or coordinator.

University of Miami

The University of Miami football team's summer strength and conditioning program can be found free of charge on Stack Magazine's website. The philosophy of this program is to get players in top physical shape for the upcoming season. According to Miami strength and conditioning coordinator Andreu Swasey, "we make sure the guys are in great shape, strong and ready to make multidirectional cuts." Swasey incorporates Olympic weight lifting exercises, including the power clean, hang snatch, power shrug and split jerk. These exercises are designed to increase overall body strength, power and speed. Other strength training exercises include lateral squats, lunges, supermans, planks, rows and back bridges. Rep and set ranges vary throughout the summer. At the start of summer players perform higher reps with fewer sets. By the end of the summer they perform five sets of two reps. The conditioning workouts combine various running and agility drills to improve players' foot speed and keep them in top physical shape. Exercises include the zig zag cut drill, back pedal and cut, various sprints and pro agility.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama football strength program was created by strength and conditioning coordinator Scott Cochran. It too can be found for free on Stack Magazine's website. The program lasts 15 weeks during the summer and is geared toward improving player strength, speed, conditioning level and power. The goal is to get players stronger, faster and more powerful. According to Cochran: "Coach Saban wants us to be a fast, physical, dominant team. He wants us to be in better shape than the opposition in the fourth quarter." Strength training workouts work every muscle in the body and are performed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Exercises include forms of squatting, upper-body pulling movements, upper-body push movements and Olympic weight lifting. Exercises vary with each workout, as do rep and set ranges. The team conditions four days per week. Summer conditioning exercises include 110-yard sprints, ladder drills, stadium stair runs and rope jumps.

Southwest Baptist University

The philosophy of Southwest Baptist University's summer strength and conditioning program is to create stronger, flexible and faster football players. The program can be found on the site Workouts are performed five days a week, mixing strength, agility, speed and flexibility training and conditioning. Weight training workouts are performed four days per week. Monday and Thursday workouts consist of squatting movements, bench press variations and abdominal exercises. Reps and sets vary between two and four sets of two to 20 reps. Tuesday and Friday weight training workouts consist of pulling exercises along with hang cleans and shoulder exercises. The weight training workouts are designed to prevent injuries and increase overall body strength to improve football skills. Conditioning workouts are performed three days a week and consist of sprinting and shuttle runs. These conditioning drills are designed to prepare football players to have the muscle endurance to play four quarters. The drills are also used to prevent injuries and improve foot speed.

Eureka College

Eureka College's football strength and conditioning program focuses on developing the best players possible. The philosophy is to increase player strength, power, speed, overall conditioning and quickness. Weight lifting workouts are performed four days per week. The routine focuses on developing strength and power in the entire body. Days one and three are upper-body workouts in exercises that include bench press variations, shrugs, pull downs, push jerks and neck exercises. Lower-body exercises are performed on days two and four, including squats, power cleans, dead lifts and leg curls. Reps and sets vary between two and four sets of between one to 15 reps. The conditioning program consists of various forms of sprinting and agility drills to increase muscle endurance and overall speed.