Perfect Pullup vs. Iron Gym

The Perfect Pullup and Iron Gym are both home-use pullup bars that can accommodate a few other exercises -- but putting that similarity aside, they couldn't be more different. The Perfect Pullup must be hardware-mounted in your doorway, but adjusts in height so you have the option of performing self-assisted pullups or even inverted rows. The Iron Gym requires no mounting hardware, but doesn't adjust for self-assisted pullups.

Think About Installation

If you rent your home and the terms of your lease prohibit you from drilling into your walls or doorways, the Iron Gym is your clear choice. It mounts using leverage only -- no hardware -- so once assembled you can install it in your doorway, then remove it, in just a few seconds. The Perfect Pullup can be quickly and easily removed from your doorway too; it just slides in and out of the mounting brackets. However, those mounting brackets are meant to remain permanently in place.

Tweaking Your Pullups

If, on the other hand, you can't quite manage full pullups yet, the Perfect Pullup is a friendlier option. Its pullup bar is mounted on a swing arm so it can be set near the top of the doorway -- for full pullups -- or low in the doorway, letting you push with your legs or just rest your heels on the ground to take part of the weight.

Perfect Pullup Exercises

In addition to pullups, you can release the Perfect Pullup's swing arm so the bar moves freely and use it for standing rows; or do pushups, bench dips and inverted rows with the bar in the low setting. You can also hang from the bar -- in its high setting -- for hanging leg raises and reverse crunches.

Iron Gym Exercises

The Iron Gym, by comparison, offers parallel-grip pullups in addition to the neutral grip, and accommodates hanging leg raises or reverse crunches too; but that's it when mounted in the doorway. You can also remove the Iron Gym, set it upside-down on the floor, and use it as pullup handles or dip bars, although your range of motion on the dips will be limited. Finally, if you wedge the upside-down Iron Gym in the bottom of a doorway, you can also use it to anchor your feet for situps.

Size and Weight Restrictions

The Perfect Pullup has a limited weight capacity -- 220 pounds -- and fits doorways between 27 and 36 inches wide. The Iron Gym's official website doesn't list its weight capacity or size restrictions, but online retailers say it has a 300-lb. weight limit and fits doorways from 24 to 32 inches wide.

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