Cool Swimming Tricks

Natación en piscina de verano

Learning some swimming tricks can add variety to your swimming workout. Building experience is required to mastering swimming tricks, which you can perform on your own or with a group of other swimmers.

Tumble Turn

The tumble turn is done at the end of a swimming lap. To perform the turn, swim toward a pool wall using a swimming technique of your choice and somersault just before the wall, place your feet on the wall, stretch your arms out and push your feet against the wall, twisting on your stomach. To start, perform five swimming strokes and then a somersault, and then progress to performing a somersault before a pool wall.

Back Crawl Turn

The back crawl turn is a more advanced trick because it takes precise timing to find the pool wall. Swim toward a pool wall and count how many strokes it takes you to reach the wall. Swim toward another pool wall and perform a 180-degree turn where you would have performed your final stroke; leave space before you turn. Practice swimming on your back and rolling onto your front by throwing your arms over your shoulders. Once you turn, your feet should reach the wall, allowing you to push off and continue in the opposite direction.


Drafting is a technique used by swimmers to gain momentum and catch up to a swimmer slightly ahead of them. The first way to draft is by swimming directly behind a leading swimmer and close to their feet, using them to create a "'pulling" effect called drag, a hydrodynamic principle of swimming. The second way to draft is by swimming near a swimmer's hip and using their wake to propel you forward. Avoid relying too much on other swimmers because they can change their course at any time and you can lose the advantage from their drag.

Bilateral Breathing

Bilateral breathing means that you breathe from either side of your body as you lift your head to inhale. This technique helps you balance your strokes as you propel yourself forward, and can help you build the confidence to inhale as you turn from left to right. As you perform the freestyle stroke, lift your head above the water to the opposite side of your working arm. Work at a slow place and gradually increase your momentum to avoid inhaling a mouthful of water.