Football Training Equipment for Quarterbacks

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The quarterback is the leader of the offense responsible for calling the play, taking the snap and effectively running the play. With so many responsibilities, it’s essential for a quarterback to develop each skill efficiently. To meet these training demands, professional quarterbacks, football coaches and football equipment manufacturers have developed various training tools. The training equipment ranges from weighted footballs for throwing strength to targets for accuracy and medicine balls and agility cones for developing speed, strength and agility.

Weighted Football

A successful quarterback needs a strong and accurate throwing arm. An effective piece of training equipment is a weighted football. The weighted football is available in different sizes ranging from two to nine pounds. This weight range allows you to choose the specific weight based on the goal of the passing workout or individual strength level of the quarterback. You can also use the weighted football for snapping drills with the center, hand off drills with the running backs or short passing drills with the wide receivers.

Throwing Target

An accurate arm is important for the best throwing percentage. To improve accuracy, quarterbacks can use a throwing target with different-colored targets on a net. Each target is cut out with a hole that catches the ball for easy retrieval after the workout. Some targets are designed with multiple holes spaced across the net to work on throwing the ball high or low away from defenders. You can also practice pass drops and throwing on the run.

Agility Cones

Quarterbacks with the ability to elude pass rushers keep the play going. However, without agility and footwork, those pass rushers would get to you for a sack. To improve your footwork and agility, use agility cones to mark out different drills designed to improve your footwork, lateral speed and acceleration. Incorporate the agility cone drills into the warm-up before practice or basic conditioning workout during the off-season training program.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are known for building strength and power, but the quarterback can also use medicine balls for improving core stability and strength along with torso function and mobility. By improving these areas, you improve your overall quarterback performance and throwing ability. Sample exercises with the medicine balls include two-hand overhead throws and side throws. Perform the exercises using fast, explosive movements to build power and strength. Incorporate the medicine ball exercises into a regular strength training workout.