What Is the Fastest Jogging Speed?

Slipping on your running shoes and pounding the pavement through your neighborhood can rapidly make you forget about your frustrating day at work while also leading to a lengthy list of physical and mental health benefits. Although your speed indicates whether you're jogging or have broken into a run, the definition of each activity is largely immaterial; as long as you're jogging or running, you're improving your health.

When a Jog Becomes a Run

It's possible to jog at a variety of speeds, but once you reach an average pace of 6 mph, you've broken into a run. In a running article on BBC Sport, fitness coach Mike Antoniades reports that jogging takes place up to 6 mph. When your pace eclipses this mark, you're running. Although running and jogging have similar health benefits, you burn more calories per minute while running. However, you might not be able to run as long as you're able to jog.

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