Drills for Keeping Your Head Down During Golf Swings


Drills for keeping your head down during golf swings are designed to help you improve your consistency and your fluidity during both a regular shot and while you are putting. In addition to consistency, keeping your head down can help improve your accuracy and distance when hitting the ball.

The Shadow Drill

This drill is designed to keep your head still for the duration of your swing. Stand in a position at the tee so that your back is facing the sun. Continue to move until the shadow of your head lines up with the tee. As you swing, make sure that your shadow never leaves the ball. Try this first with practice swings, moving to full swings as you improve your consistency. In addition to teeing off, this drill can be performed while putting.

Driving Range Drill

This head down drill is designed to improve your ability to keep your head down, especially during your back swing. Line up at a tee in your normal golf stance. Grab a ball and a bright-colored marker, placing a small dot on the ball. From here, place the ball on the tee with the marked side of the ball in plane sight. As you do so, focus on the dot the entire way through your swing. Repeat this 20 times or until fatigued.

Alignment Drill

Having proper alignment during your swing will help you keep your head down for the duration of your swing. Grab a club out of your bag, placing it in a straight line directly parallel to the tee. From here, shift the club 20 degrees to the left of its original position, if you're right handed. Align your feet with the club and take several practice swings. Practicing in poor alignment will get you to feel how unbalanced your stance regularly is. After several shots at this angle, straighten the club and swing with your feet in perfect alignment. Repeat until fatigued.

Putting Head Down Drill

This drill is designed to get you to keep your head down while putting. Set up one foot from the cup. Place a ball down, performing your normal putting swing while keeping your head down the entire way. If the ball goes in, take a step back and repeat the putt. For every make, take one step farther away from the hole. For every miss, repeat the putt until you get the ball into the hole.