Easy Yoga for Bigger Buttocks

Cobra pose in a yoga studio

People take up yoga for a variety of reasons. Whether it be for their general health, to get stronger or simply for curiosity’s sake, folks in North America have embraced this 5,000-year-old discipline with enthusiasm. Knowing that yoga has the reputation for creating a leaner body would lead you to assume that people who desire to increase the size of certain body parts through yoga should look elsewhere. Not so. Yoga builds muscle with dedicated practice. If you want a rounder backside, there are easy yoga poses for bigger buttocks.

Cobra Pose

Lower to the floor and arrange yourself face down on your yoga mat. Place your forehead on the mat. Stretch your legs out behind you with the tops of your feet pressing into the floor. Holding your elbows close to your body, slide your hands up to rest on the floor next to your shoulders. Inhale, and then on an exhale, slowly lift your forehead off the floor. On your next exhale, raise your shoulders, then chest off the floor. Breathe normally while holding this pose and clench your buttocks throughout. Stay in Cobra pose for 30 seconds, building up to a minute over time.

Hand to Knee Pose

Come to a standing position. Spread your toes in order to have a wider base on which to stand. Lift your left knee and grasp it lightly with your left hand. Place your right hand on your right hip. Subtly shift your weight to your right leg, draw the muscles of your right thigh up from your kneecap and tighten your buttocks muscles. Breathe normally while holding the pose. If your balance is a little wobbly, hang onto the back of a chair or a wall. Hold the pose for five breaths. Then release your grip on your left knee and straighten your leg out in front of you, keeping it off the floor. Try to hold it off the floor for five inhales and exhales or do as many as you can working up to five over time. Repeat the whole maneuver on your right side.

Locust Pose

Lie on the floor face-down with your forehead resting on your yoga mat. Keep your arms flush with your body with the palms facing up. Point your toes and engage — or tense -- the muscles in your thighs and buttocks. Inhale, then on your exhale lift your head, chest, arms and legs off the floor. Be vigilant about keeping the muscles of your arms, legs and buttocks engaged and stretched out fully. Breathe normally, holding the pose for five breaths. Then release your limbs, head and chest back to the floor. Turn your head to the side and rest for a few seconds and then repeat the pose two more times. If your pelvic and hip bones feel uncomfortable pressed into the floor, slide a folded towel underneath that area.


For these easy yoga poses for bigger buttocks to work effectively, remember to clench your butt muscles while in a pose. Your glutes comprise one of the biggest muscle groups in your body. Work your butt muscles every other day to get the maximum effect.