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How to Simultaneously Start the Downswing With the Hips & Arms

Golf is a game of precision, and the swing is one of the most difficult motions to master in all of sports. Timing, coordination and core strength are all required to produce a swing that launches the golf ball long and straight. Starting the downswing by syncing the arms and hips requires practice, as it is a timing move. However, once mastered, the motion allows for powerful action through the golf ball.

  1. Extend your arms and hands to the sky and make sure your hips are turned away from the target on the backswing. This creates the torque and leverage necessary and gives the body enough room to start the downswing by firing the arms and hips.

  2. Stabilize your body over the ball. Do not spin out, lunge, dip or slide while moving your hips, arms and lower body.

  3. Turn your hips back toward the target, while simultaneously dropping your arms into the slot position. Make sure to turn, not slide, your hips.

  4. Rotate your hips through the golf ball. At this point, your hips are firing while your arms are preparing to drop into the slot position.

  5. Hold your arms tight to your body and make sure you get the club in the vertical position. This is essential for proper sequencing.

  6. Release your arms into the ball. If your hips have rotated and cleared properly, you should be in the slot position -- one of the most powerful moves in golf.


    Practicing with swing aids, mirrors, video technology or a PGA professional are ways to check that your downswing is starting with the hips and arms.


    Casting the club is the reverse of starting with the arms and hips. This move involves throwing the club out at the golf ball and is a cause of inconsistency.

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