How to Do Bicycle Stunts

photobac/iStock/Getty Images

While recreational bikers prefer leisurely rides on paved paths and trails, extreme riders spend their time practicing high-flying stunts over ramps and obstacles. Bikes designed for stunt riding are equipped with a durable frame often made from aluminum or chromoly. The bunny hop is an essential maneuver in bicycle stunt riding as it enables you to lift the tires off the terrain. "BMX Plus" magazine recommends learning the bunny hop on flat ground to get comfortable with the technique.

Select a low-traffic area that has a smoothly paved terrain when practicing stunts. Push the pedals forward until you reach a comfortable speed. Bend your knees and elbows at a 45-degree angle to ensure a balanced stance.

Shift your body weight toward the rear of the seat while pulling up on the handlebar grips. Jump vertically as your front tire ascends off the pavement. Lift your knees to allow the rear tire to become airborne.

Push down on the handlebars when you reach the peak of your jump to keep the tires parallel to the riding terrain. Lower your eyes to the ground to spot a landing. Bend your knees as the tires descend onto the pavement to complete the bunny hop.

Execute another bunny hop while rolling at a moderate speed. Release your nondominant hand from the handlebar grip as you reach the peak of the jump. Pull back on the opposing grip with your dominant hand to rotate the handlebars 360 degrees.

Elevate your hands to allow the handlebars to spin. Lower your hands onto the grips as the handlebars complete the rotation. Bend your knees as the tires make contact with the pavement to successfully land a basic stunt defined as the bar spin.