What Is the Meaning of Exercise Physiology?

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Exercise physiology is simply the study of how the body responds to physical activity. This includes anatomy, neuromuscular function, metabolism, elements of exercise biomechanics, and more. People can practice in this field in many ways to help different clients. Exercise physiology helps professionals understand how the body works and it can help you become more physically healthy. If you're looking to amp up your physical fitness, look no further than exercise physiology.

Under the Kinesiology Umbrella

According to Paul Davis, Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, exercise physiology is a smaller part of the field of kinesiology. Professionals who work in this sub-area examine how your body reacts to physical activity and the long-term effects of physical activity. These practitioners help their clients increase their level of activity and fitness and their jobs can range from helping people lose weight to teaching the next generation of professionals