What Does PCT Mean in Baseball?

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Baseball, one of the most statistically oriented sports, expresses several of its performance categories as percentages. The abbreviation PCT, therefore, can be attached to a variety of stats covering both team and individual performance. Among these statistics are:

  • a team's winning percentage,
  • an individual player's fielding percentage,
  • slugging percentage
  • and on-base percentage.

What is winning PCT?

A quick look at Major League Baseball standings reveals a designation for each team chronicling its winning percentage, expressed as a three digit decimal number.

For example, if a team has played 10 games and won five of them, that team's percentage -- or PCT -- is presented as .500 in the standings.

The use of this number allows for quick comparison between teams, particularly in the midst of the season when two teams may not have each played the same number of games.

What is Fielding PCT?

Fielding percentage refers to a player's efficiency on defense. The formula involves adding put outs and assists, then dividing them by total chances.

  • A ​put out​ is the recording of an out by one player.
  • Assists​ occur when multiple players are involved in recording an out.
  • Total chances​ are determined by put outs, assists and errors added together.

Fielding a ball that does not result in an error or out does not factor into fielding percentage.

What is slugging PCT?

Slugging percentage highlights a player's power numbers at the plate. The formula for determining slugging percentage is the total number of bases gained on hits divided by the total number of at-bats.

The number of bases is determined by awarding one base for a single, two for a double, three for a triple and four for a home run.

  • one base for a single,
  • two for a double,
  • three for a triple
  • and four for a home run.

What are other Percentage-Based Statistics?

Numerous other statistical categories use percentages as the basis for their measurements without incorporating the abbreviation PCT.

  • Batting average​, abbreviated as AVG, conveys the percentage of at-bats that result in hits.
  • On-base percentage​, also known as OBP, records the percentage of plate appearances that lead to a player reaching base safely and features a formula which incorporates hits, walks and hit by pitch numbers.