What Are Exercises in a Max Interval Circuit?

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The Max Interval workout is part of the Insanity 60-day fitness program by BeachBody. The Insanity program does not require any weights or fitness equipment. All you need is a towel and some water. The Max Interval workout is introduced in the sixth week of the Insanity program. It is a 59-minute interval workout divided into three sets of exercises.


The warm-up consists of eight exercises done over three rounds. It starts with a jog in place and jumping jacks. Move to the 123 Heisman, which is a lateral step movement, then a jump rope exercise with an imaginary jump rope. The next two exercises are aerobic in nature: high knee run and a kicking exercise. Finish off the warm-up with a lunge exercise and a hopping activity. After the warm-up, you rest for 30 seconds and stretch for about five minutes.

Set One

Four exercises make up the first workout set. The pedal/power lunge exercise mixes an aerobic activity with a strength exercise. The pedal is a sprint in place and the power lunge is a deep lunge exercise. The next exercise targets your core. It combines a plank, pushups, a plank side step and twist planks all into one continuous movement. The third exercise is the power strike, which is a lunge combined with punches. Frog jumps are the last exercise in the first set, where you drop into a squat and then jump up and forward.

Set Two

The first exercise in set two is the hook jump. This movement combines low and high punches with jumps. A high knee run is next, followed by the high-low jab with squat. You jump high and punch, then land in a squat and punch low. Floor switch kicks finish off the second set of exercises. Place your hands on the floor behind you with your buttocks a few inches off the floor. Kick your feet, alternating sides.

Set Three

The final set of exercises starts with side suicide jumps. You place your hands on the floor and jump to one side; stand back up, then repeat on the other side. The squat hook combines the squat strength exercise with a hook punch. The third exercise, the full body drill, combines several movements into one exercise, including a plank, mountain climbers, jog in place and pushups. The last exercise is the plank punch -- you hold a plank position and alternate punching with each hand.