How to Teach Proper Throwing Techniques in Softball


Throwing the softball properly is one of the first things players need to learn if they are going to play the game seriously. Defensive excellence is about catching the ball well and throwing it directly at your target with quickness and accuracy. Throwing the ball well takes arm strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and confidence. While players learn how to throw when they first take up the game, they must continually work on their technique so they don't fall into bad habits.

Demonstrate the proper grip when teaching proper throwing technique. Place your fingers across the laces of the softball and place your thumb directly on the bottom of the ball. This type of grip will allow the individual throwing the softball to throw with velocity and accuracy if the other aspects of the throwing technique are correct.

Raise your hand to a point where it is an inch or two above your ear. This is the proper spot for players to throw from when looking for a quick release.

Place all your weight on your back leg. This will help you prepare to throw the ball and stay balanced. Maintaining balance throughout the throwing process helps softball players throw the ball accurately.

Step with your left foot if you are a right-handed thrower, and your right foot if you are a left-handed thrower. This will help you keep your throw on track.

Extend your arm and snap your wrist with a downward motion to show your players how to propel the ball. Don't snap your wrist to the sides. This will put a sidespin on the ball and cause it to fly off course.