Shot Put Progression Drills


Shot put progression drills are designed to help you improve your form and technique while shot putting. Due to the extensive steps and techniques that go into properly throwing a shot put, it is necessary to learn in steps and phases. Shot put progression skills will help you perfect your glide technique.

Shot Put Placement Drill

This drill is designed to teach you where to properly place your shot put prior to putting the ball. Start by using a softball instead of a shot put to reduce the weight and discomfort of an actual shot put. Place the ball where your neck and shoulder meet. From this spot, position your hand so that it is on the right half of the ball (the left half if you are left-handed). Once you are comfortable in this position, have a friend time you to see how quickly you can shift from a static position into your shot putting position.

Square Punch Drill

This drill is designed to help you improve your release. Stand with your knees slightly bent and your feet directly in line with the toe board. From here, rotate slightly while bending your knees, punching the ball directly off of your shoulder instead of performing any rotations. As you throw the ball, make sure your elbow stays under the ball until after it has been released. Repeat with your thumb finishing in a downward position until you are fatigued.

Power Position Drills

Once you have mastered the placement and toss of the ball, it is important to develop your footwork to maximize your rotation and power when throwing the shot put. In addition to rotation drills, performing quick feet drills will help you transition from a regular stance to a power position. Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent and feet right next to each other. From this position, lift up, quickly moving into a power position with your knees bent and weight balanced. Bounce in this position for several seconds to make sure you are balanced. Repeat until fatigued.

Front Throws

After familiarizing yourself with the power position, the next step is to transition into front throws. Stand in a power position with your knees slightly bent and the shot put pushed against the side of your neck. From here, perform a double pivot with both feet, rotating two times before releasing the shot put. Right before the release, extend your power leg, giving the toss an added kick of velocity. Repeat this footwork until fatigued.