How to Wrap a Weak Wrist for Tennis


Pain and weakness in your wrist may be the result of tennis elbow. According to, tennis elbow results from overuse and muscle strain. Treat tennis elbow by improving your form, doing therapeutic exercises, and wearing a wrist brace. For occasional problems, make a wrist wrap at home using sports tape.

Maintain a neutral wrist position as you work, with your wrist bent back slightly. Apply fixomull tape beneath each strip of sports tape to prevent irritation. Wrap one strip of sports tape around the palm above the thumb. Apply another strip of tape around the wrist, just beneath the palm. These two strips provide anchors for the rest of the wrap.

Make two crosses of sports tape on the front and back of your palms. Each strip crosses from the bottom anchor to the opposite side of the top anchor.

Wrap three strips of tape vertically from the bottom anchor to the top anchor on both sides of your hand. Overlap the strips of tape by approximately 50 percent.


Remove the strips of tape slowly and gently to prevent discomfort. Do not wear the wrist wrap for more than 48 hours.


Weak wrists and forearm pain are symptoms of tennis elbow. Consult your doctor about medical concerns before using a wrist wrap.