How to Speed Up Hip Rotation

How to Speed Up Hip Rotation

Powerful and accurate hip rotation is essential for various sports, including baseball, football, golf, swimming, tennis and basketball. The best athletes from each of these sports have a significant amount of hip rotation that improves their overall performance. Any athlete, however, can develop better hip rotation through specific training for power, speed and balance.

Perform flexibility exercises four to five times a week, focusing on your hips and core. You can use specific exercises or incorporate yoga or Pilates into your strength and conditioning program. The flexibility exercises should promote torso flexibility and mobility using twisting movements.

Use resistance bands for isolation exercises that target the hips, glutes and core. The resistance bands improve the strength and elasticity of the muscles used during hip rotation. The isolation exercises allow you to customize the exercises so you can target a specific muscle based on your individual weaknesses.

Use hip rotation training tools, such as the Somax Power Trainer for golf, one to two days a week. These tools help isolate hip rotation so you can improve form and technique based on your individual sport. For example, a golfer can use the tool while practicing on the driving range.

Add a medicine ball to your strength-training workouts. Use a large medicine ball for rotational exercises that develop hip and core strength and power. The medicine ball exercises also help develop overall conditioning and total-body strength.

Run through an agility ladder during conditioning drills. The agility ladder improves hip rotation in relation to footwork and foot speed. Football players, such as defensive backs, for example, can use the agility ladder to develop footwork and hip rotation to improve their pass coverage.