How to Motivate Yourself to Run Every Day

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Running helps you meet your physical fitness goals and relieve stress, but regardless of your reasons for doing it, you might experience occasional slumps in motivation. Potential causes of this include fatigue, inadequate nutrition, confidence issues and an overly packed schedule. By evaluating your needs and implementing positive reinforcement strategies, you can get back on track to experience its benefits.

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Identify and address any reasons why your motivation is lacking. For example, if you’re discouraged by self-conscious feelings when exercising, try an environment where more or fewer people exercise.

Identify your primary purpose for running and create visual reminders of it. For example, if you want to complete a marathon, hang a picture of the medal in areas you frequent.

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Establish a routine. Note a specific time for running in your daily calendar. You might have trouble following it at first, but the more you push yourself to follow through, the more ingrained the habit becomes.

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Set goals for distance rather than time. If you focus on time, you'll eventually reach the peak of your running speed, which eliminates the fun and encouragement of a challenge.

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Run with a highly motivated friend. Social interaction provides motivation, and the person’s energy and positivity provides additional encouragement.

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Add variety to your routine. Run in different areas to enjoy the scenery and to provide yourself with new challenges.

Reward yourself for completing a run. Purchase new running gear such as shoes or a timer as the reward to further boost your motivation.


Listen to your body. If you feel that you truly need rest, take a day to just walk, do a different cardio exercise, or relax outside. Eat a balanced diet and get adequate sleep. Put entries in a motivation journal to mark your level of energy after each run. This can help you identify which methods and barriers have the greatest effect.


If you find that running simply stops being an enjoyable activity for you, consider taking up another sport that provides you with more fulfillment.