When Do You Use the Insanity Upper-body Weighted Workout?

Young woman exercising with weights

A 60-day program, the Insanity workout incorporates plyometrics, cardiovascular exercise and strength training. BeachBody, the manufacturer of Insanity, describes how the program features 10 workouts designed to be completed at home. Among the workouts is the 40-minute Cardio Power and Resistance workout, which features upper-body weight training along with cardiovascular exercise.

Your Schedule

The Cardio Power and Resistance workout is scheduled during the first month of the two-month program for one to two days per week. For the first week, it is scheduled on day three; during the second week, it’s scheduled on the eighth day and on day 12. The schedule continues to switch back and forth between one and two days per week, as listed on the Insanity workout calendar.

The Workout

The Cardio Power and Resistance workout begins with about 10 minutes of warm-up activities to elevate your heart and breathing rates; then it moves into two different circuits of four exercises. Each circuit consists of three rounds of four exercises -- each completed in 30-second intervals. Among the exercises are weight-training exercises, including V pushups, moving pushups and regular pushups. These develop your chest, shoulders and triceps. Between the two circuits, you focus an entire 60 seconds on triceps exercises.

Importance of Rest

The Insanity program doesn’t schedule upper-body weight training more than two days per week to allow your upper-body muscles to adequately heal and recover between sessions. After your Cardio Power and Resistance workout, your upper-body muscles will be left overloaded and damaged, which is what stimulates their eventual growth. It’s during the rest period that your muscles repair and heal, increasing in size and strength.

Work for the Back

The Insanity program features strength-training activities to develop your legs and abdominals, but they do not incorporate strength work for the back or biceps. Consider incorporating additional back and biceps strength-training exercises into your regimen. Although the upper-body strength program is only scheduled during the first month of the Insanity training schedule, the Cardio Power and Resistance workout can be completed more often than scheduled, as long as 48 hours of rest is allowed between sessions. The workout can also be incorporated into your personal fitness regimen if you’re not following the entire Insanity program.