What Does Isopure Do for Your Muscles?

Training leg muscles

If you are training hard and trying to maximize your workouts, you need to support your regimen with proper nutrition. Isopure powders and beverages supply protein and other essential nutrients for your muscles, and they may be worth considering if your diet is not adequate for your training. Sports nutrition can only enhance a solid training program, and the best way to increase your strength and muscle mass is through exercise.

Product Overview

Isopure carbohydrate-free, original and higher-calorie ready-to-drink beverages come in fruit flavors, and Isopure also makes ready-to-drink lemon green and black teas. Varieties of Isopure powders include carbohydrate-free, low-carbohydrate, high-protein and high-calorie, and they come in fruit flavors, as well as sweet flavors such as mint chocolate chip, Dutch chocolate and creamy vanilla. You can mix them with water or your favorite beverage, or add them to oatmeal. Smoothies come in berry pomegranate, orange peach and orange berry.

Growth and Maintenance

Each serving of Isopure drinks, powders and smoothies provides about 20 to 50 g protein, which is an essential nutrient for supporting muscle growth and maintenance, according to Iowa State University. The protein in Isopure comes from whey, which is a complete protein with each of the necessary amino acids that you need to get from the diet. Your muscles are made up of proteins which your body synthesizes from amino acids. Each day, the average adult needs 0.4 g protein per lb. body weight, and strength-training athletes may need as much as 0.8 g per day.

Muscle Recovery

Isopure can speed up muscle recovery so that your muscles are ready for your next workout. You need to provide your muscles with nutrients in order to repair your muscles and replenish your supply of glycogen, or muscle fuel after you exercise. Within 1 to 2 hours after finishing your workout, try to get some protein and carbohydrates, according to Iowa State University. All Isopure products provide protein, and some, such as Isopure Endurance, are good sources of carbohydrates. Isopure is convenient so that you can have it close at hand when you are working out.

Energy Production

Your muscles need energy for performing exercise, and Isopure beverages and powders provide about 160 to 330 calories per serving. To convert calories from protein and carbohydrates into energy, your muscles need certain vitamins and minerals for metabolism and muscle contraction, such as magnesium the B vitamins, calcium and the electrolytes, sodium and potassium. Isopure should not replace a balanced diet, and it is important to monitor your intake to avoid unwanted weight gain from drinking too many calories.