Exercises to Firm Large Breasts

Womans Abs

If you have large breasts, many people view this as an asset. However, if the breasts are excessively large, and you have to carry them 24/7, you probably do not feel the same way. Excess breast fat can cause sagging or even back pain. Since women's breasts primarily are composed of fatty tissue, cardio and targeted exercises are necessary to help shed the extra weight.


Push-ups are a classic exercise that work all of your pec muscles and require no special equipment. Lie face down, with your head in line with your spine and both palms placed on the floor. Slowly dip downward by bending your elbows and go as low as you comfortably can, then push up to starting position. Repeat four sets of 15 reps.

Dumbbell Pec Fly

The dumbbell pec fly can be done at home or in a gym. Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie down on a flat bench. Place your arms straight up, over your chest, palms facing one another and elbows pointed outward. In a controlled motion, lower them out on each side until your arms and elbows are parallel to the floor. Push them back together in the starting position. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Circuit Training

Circuit training works your upper body and lower body as well. It can help you develop lean muscle all over your body, which helps diminish the size of large breasts. You usually spend 30 to 60 seconds per machine, before maneuvering to the next. Sometimes cardio is infused between muscle sets to help burn calories and build muscle. A sample circuit program may be chest press for 30 seconds, then do jumping jacks for 30 seconds, leg press for 30 seconds and jog in place for 30 seconds. Aim for at least two circuit training sessions per week.

Aerobic Training

Use your upper body while doing fat-burning cardio. Running and walking are great cardio exercises, but they can cause pain if you have large breasts. Instead, try workouts using elliptical training, cross country skiing, swimming or rowing that tone your chest while burning calories. Aim for at least 60 minutes of cardio four days a week.