How to Defend Against a Fast Soccer Player

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Fast soccer players are better able to sprint, cut and cross the field, making them harder to defend. This can lead to scoring on your goalie. You can take steps to improve your speed and defensive skills.

Build your endurance through cardiovascular exercise. Ideally, play small-sided soccer games, or cross-train by jumping rope or swimming.

Perform agility training, which can help increase your ability to cut, stop and maneuver across the soccer field. Run around cones, through speed ladders, and up and down stairs.

Keep your eyes on a fast soccer player at all times. Focus on the ball and the direction its going. Listen to your teammates on the sideline for advice.

Be prepared for the attacker to make a mistake. An attacker's speed may cause him to overrun the ball. Capitalize on this situation, especially if you are a few steps behind the attacker.

Increase pressure on your attacker when you are near him. You might get the player to lose the ball before he takes off rapidly.

Stand on the balls of your feet. Avoid standing flat-footed while waiting for an attacker to enter your defensive zone.