Jump Rope Drills to Increase Speed

Portrait of woman holding jump rope

Jump rope drills help you increase your speed and acceleration as well as burn calories. Most drills naturally improve your endurance, but they also help you establish a rhythm and improve your balance with respect to any type of sport you may play.

Alternating Feet Drill

This drill is designed to improve your balance, speed and ability to shift your weight from foot to foot while running. Stand with a jump rope in your hands and your knees slightly bent. Begin jumping with both feet at a slow pace to get a rhythm going. Once you feel comfortable, start jumping from one foot to the other, shifting your weight to the right side as you jump off with your left and vice versa. Continue to do so for five minutes or until fatigued.

Running Forward Drill

The running drill is designed to improve your speed while simultaneously improving your coordination. Begin by jumping rope in place for 20 seconds, making sure your feet are balanced and you are landing on the balls of your feet. After 20 seconds, start jogging forward while continuing to jump over the jump rope. As you improve, increase the speed with which you are running forward and jumping. Perform for as long as you can, accelerating your speed until fatigued.

High Knee Drill

High knee jump rope drills help improve your speed and strengthen your legs by forcing you to keep your knees high for an extended period of time. Start by jumping rope, bouncing from one foot to the other to establish a rhythm. Once your rhythm is established, increase the height of each knee as you jump over the rope. Continue to increase the height until your knees are nearly reaching your chest. Once there, increase the speed of the rope, forcing your legs to move faster and work harder to keep your knees at this height.

One-foot Jumping Drill

One-foot jumping drills help strengthen individual muscles in your leg. Start by jumping with both feet for several seconds to get a rhythm. From here, lift one foot off of the ground, bending it at the knee so it does not get tripped up in the rope. With only one foot, continue jumping rope for as long as you can. Repeat with your other foot until you are fatigued.