Good Exercises for Lazy People

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Exercising regularly has numerous benefits. When you exercise, your brain releases chemicals that help improve your mood and decrease depression. Exercise will help prevent the risk of serious diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and even some types of cancer. Although you may be aware of the benefits of exercise, you might find it difficult to follow a scheduled workout routine. This could be due to time restraints, lack of focus or simply because you feel lazy.

Fast Abs Exercise

If you feel lazy, you will likely prefer to do an exercise you can complete quickly so you may resume more relaxing activities like watching a movie or sunbathing. The Captain's Chair exercise is an exercise that tones the abdominal muscles and only takes one minute a day. Sit on the edge of a chair, and grasp the front of the seat at either side of your hips. Inhale deeply, then upon exhalation, gradually raise your knees toward your chest without arching your back. Hold your knees in the raised position for three seconds, and then lower them. Repeat for around a minute.

TV Exercising

If you like to spend a lot of time watching TV, a fitness ball may be the solution for you. By sitting on the ball instead of in your armchair, you'll strengthen your core muscles and improve your balance without noticing you are exercising. You can additionally use your exercise ball as a seat while reading or working on the computer.

Exercising in Bed

Sanford Bennett looked and felt like an elderly man, although he was only 50 years old. This led him to devise a program, which he later wrote about in his book named "Exercising in Bed." All Bennett's exercises are designed to be executed in bed, under the covers, which makes them ideal for lazy people. To develop the triceps, or back muscles of the upper arms, lie on your left side. Grasp your right arm between the elbow and shoulder with your left hand. Try to pull your right arm back while simultaneously creating resistance with your left hand. Do this for a few seconds and relax. Repeat five times before switching sides. Gradually increase repetitions until you are performing 25 on each side per day.

Easy Walking Exercise

The benefits of walking on a regular basis are well-documented. They include increased cardiovascular strength and calorie burn at a rate of around 100 calories per mile. However, if you feel lazy, walking may seem like too much of a strenuous exercise, particularly uphill walking. Nordic walking poles help make walking a more enjoyable experience for lazy people, as the poles ease strain on joints. Furthermore, when Nordic walking you use 90 percent of all muscle groups, and calorie burn is around 40 percent more than when walking normally. Therefore, it takes less time to burn calories with the poles than without them.