Sweat Band Benefits

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Sweatbands are made of absorbent material like terrycloth, but the bulky fashion faux pas of years past has given way to sleeker versions that can, at a stretch, be called a fashion accessory. The sweatband’s most obvious benefit is also its stated purpose: Corralling sweat before it drips from your forehead into your eyes or down your neck. But that’s not the only benefit you can reap from wearing sweatbands.

Keeps Hair Out of Your Face

If you have long or medium-length hair, a good sweatband will help keep your hair out of your eyes as you exercise. Sweatbands also mitigate, at least somewhat, the sweat-logged hair that can result from intense exercise, giving you a better chance at going back to work without having to wash your hair or take a full shower.

Wipes Sweat Away

Even the best forehead sweatband can only absorb so much perspiration. If you tend to sweat clear through your forehead sweatbands, or just don’t like to wear them, you can wear sweatbands on your wrists instead. These thick, absorbent cuffs are like built-in towels. Just reach up and wipe your forehead, head and neck without pausing to break stride or fish a towel out of your pack.

Fashion Trend

According to "The New York Times," wristbands were a hot trend in the NFL during 2008, but not to wipe sweat. Instead, players wore thin, absorbent sweatbands as a fashion statement, placed around their upper arms or, rarely, their wrists. Whether mimicking this fashion statement is beneficial or not is entirely up to your own discerning fashion sense.

Protects Headwear

You’ll find sweatbands stitched into hats, particularly men’s models, from Panama straw hats to construction hard hats. While these sweatbands do help keep sweat out of your eyes, they also help keep you cool during hot spells, help keep your hat on and absorb sweat instead of letting it leak into the hat.