How to Improve Quickness & Jumping Ability


Sports require a variety of physical traits to support a high level of performance and success. Quickness and jumping ability are such traits common to sports such as basketball, football and volleyball. You can improve your quickness and jumping ability to improve your overall performance by incorporating specific training principles into your strength and conditioning program.

Perform plyometric exercises to build lower-body power. Power is the combination of strength and speed and is the most important factor to improving your jumping ability. Plyometric exercises combine strength and speed and include box jumps, squat jumps and jumping rope.

Perform dynamic weight-training exercises to build strength and explosiveness through a full range of motion. The best dynamic weight training exercises include Olympic lifts such as power cleans, jerks and snatches along with explosive barbell lifts like the bench press or squat. Use proper form and technique while performing these exercises and focus on moving the weight as fast as possible through a full range of motion.

Use basic strength-training exercises to build lower body strength. Quickness and jumping ability relies on the strength from your legs, and exercises such as deadlifts, squats and lunges build the specific strength needed to improve quickness and jumping ability.

Perform agility drills to improve quickness, coordination, changes in direction, balance and explosiveness. Use agility ladders or marking cones to design various drills. Focus on proper running technique with short, quick steps to minimize wasted movements.

Combine all of the training elements -- plyometrics, dynamic weight training, basic strength training and agility drills -- into a 12- to 16-week program. The combination of the workouts will help to improve quickness and jumping ability.

Evaluate your progress every four to six weeks. Use the same test so you can see your improvements and overall progress. For example, perform the 10- or 40-yard dash to test quickness and the vertical leap test to measure jumping ability.


Consult your doctor before making any dramatic changes to your fitness regimen.