How to Improve Your Straddle Jump

Cheerleader doing splits in mid air

Straddle jump -- also called a toe touch -- is a common jump used in cheerleading as well as gymnastics.These jumps may be used in dance or cheer routines. Straddle jumps are most appealing when you are able to jump high while keeping your toes pointed and your back straight. To help improve your straddle jump, perform exercises to improve form, flexibility and jump height.

Practice your center split by sitting on a chair with your legs spread wide apart. Focus on performing your center split with your back straight, toes pointed and your legs fully extended. Practice for 10 minutes each day.

Use the back of a sturdy chair or a chair with a heavy object placed on the seat so that the chair does not fall or move to practice your jump. Jump up and down as high as you can. When ready, incorporate the center split into your jump. Practice for several minutes at a time, daily.

Practice your straddle jump on a trampoline for automatic height. As a result, you can focus more on the form of your jump rather than how high you can jump. If a trampoline is not available, a diving board serves a similar purpose.

Have a friend or coach place her hands on your waist as you jump. This can help improve your jump height and form.

Continue to practice until you have perfected your straddle jump.


To prevent injury — such as groin or hamstring strains — always stretch and warm up prior to practicing your straddle jump.