How to Lower Body Temperature Quickly After Exercise

How to Lower Body Temperature Quickly After Exercise

A hard workout can leave you feeling hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Living somewhere warm can compound this problem and the longer you remain overheated, the more likely you are to sweat through the clothes you have put on after your workout. This is not an ideal situation if you exercise before work or during your lunch break.

But, with a few hacks, you can lower your body temperature so you stop sweating sooner.

Cool Showers

A cool shower will significantly and quickly lower your body temperature; as most gyms have showers this method is readily accessible. To avoid the shock of icy cold water, start off with moderately warm water and then gradually turn the temperature down as you get used to it. Make sure you soak your entire body especially your head, chest and back. Turn the temperature as low as you can tolerate and stay under the spray for five to 10 minutes. A cool bath is equally effective and ideal if you have been exercising at home.

Swimming Pools

Most swimming pools are kept at a low to moderate temperature -- certainly lower than body temperature. Sit or stand in neck-deep water and relax for five to 10 minutes. For hygiene reasons, you should always shower before entering a swimming pool. To save time, stretch your muscles as you cool off rather than stretch in the gym. Immersion in cold water may also prevent post-exercise muscle soreness.

Ice Packs

Placing ice packs on the back of your neck, abdomen, chest and thighs can help cool you down. Large quantities of blood flow through these areas and by cooling your blood you'll help cool the rest of your body. Do not place ice directly on your skin as this can cause a painful ice burn. Instead, wrap your ice in a dish cloth or use a gel ice pack instead.

Enjoy the Fresh Air

If you have been exercising inside, you may find it's cooler outside -- especially if the sun has gone down or there's a breeze blowing. After your workout, do your cool down stretches outdoors to lower your body temperature more effectively.

Sip a Cool Drink

If you have been sweating heavily during your workout, you may also be dehydrated -- sip cool water or a sports drink to replace lost fluids. Also, a cool drink will help lower your temperature. This method can be safely added to any other cooling method you like to use.