Swinging Down and on an Inside Path During Golf

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As a golfer, learning to swing the club down an inside path is important if you would like to draw the ball from right to left. Coming at the ball at an angle from the outside in results in the clubface cutting across the ball and causes shots that are short and curve from left to right. Most amateurs tend to struggle to swing the club on an inside path because their swing is either too upright or they struggle with tempo. Luckily, there are several drills to help groove your swing and develop a natural swing on an inside path.

Give Yourself a Guide

One of the problems with having an improper swing path is that it is difficult for you to notice what you are doing wrong during the swing. To help groove your swing from the inside, set up a prop such as a head cover, just outside the ball so that you must swing from an inside path. With the head cover on the ground, any sort of swing that comes over the top will hit the head cover and let you know immediately that you did not come down to impact on an inside path.

Out Then In

If you are struggling with swinging on an inside path, focus on making your swing go out and then in. On the takeaway, focus on taking the club straight back and up, which will make the club automatically go on an outside path in the beginning. Once you reach the top of your swing, you will be in a good position to come down from the inside and be able to turn your hips through impact.

Create Space

According to PGA Tour professional Dustin Johnson, swinging from an inside path feels as though you are creating space between your body and the ball on the downswing. This thought during the swing allows you to make a more rounded swing instead of coming over the top, which allows you to come down from an inside path.

Focus on Tempo

An important aspect of developing an inside swing path is to focus on tempo throughout your swing, especially when you are learning a new swing technique. One of the reasons people come over the top instead of coming down from the inside is because of a quick transition at the top of the backswing. Focus on making a controlled backswing with an even tempo throughout, followed by a smooth transition into the downswing.

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