How to Make a Wrist Band for Wrist Support

fighter man in boxing hood hand and wrist fighting wraps

You can make your own wrist band support with only a few supplies. Making them yourself will be more economical and allow more options for print and design. All types of athletes wear wrist bands for support. People who work with their hands a lot also wear them, as well as people who work picking up heavy loads. These activities cause a lot of stress and strain on the wrists. Having the extra support of a band can help relieve some of the pressure that can strain the muscles. Consider seeking medical advice to address your specific needs.

Cut cotton and nylon blend fabric to approximately 120 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Fold the fabric down the length with right sides together. Machine-stitch down the long edge of the fabric. Stitch one end closed. Turn right side out. Tuck the edge of the open end inside and stitch about 1/4 inch and stitch it closed.

Determine the placement for the hook-and-loop tape. Wrap your wrist and palm with the band. Place the end of the band in the palm of your hand and secure in place with your thumb. Wrap the band all the way around your wrist twice. Pull taut so the end of the band will hold in place and you can move your thumb. Wrap the band over your palm between the thumb and index finger. Wrap once more around the wrist. If you have extra band remaining you can either reduce the size by trimming the end and hemming or continuing to wrap. This is a personal decision.

Mark the location of the end of the band with a fabric pencil. Draw a line to match the angle the end of the band lies. Remove the band from your arm.

Cut a piece of the sew-in hook-and-loop tape about 1 inch long and 2 inches wide. Machine-stitch the loop side of the tape to the mark on the band. Machine-stitch the hook side of the tape to the underside of the end of the band. Repeat for the other wrist.


Choose different fabric colors and make a set for each day of your workout. This will eliminate the need for daily laundering.


Wrapping your wrist too tight can lead to reduced circulation and cause damage to your wrists and hands.