How to Install a Cable Slide on a Bow


Installing a cable slide on the cable guard of your compound bow will help prevent the pulley cables from rubbing against each other and the bowstring and extend the life of both the bowstring and the pulley cables. A cable slide will also reduce the noise created by the release of the string when firing. This is a nice side benefit for bow hunters. A compound bow cable guard and slide can be easily installed with simple hand tools.

Place the compound bow on a table, arrow rest facing up. Near the center of the bow's riser, there are two cable guard mounting holes.

Slip the cable slide over the end of the cable guard and down the shaft. Make sure the grooves in the cable slide face the pulley cables.

Set the cable guard into the mounting holes on the riser. Make sure to fully seat the end of the guard in the front-most mounting hole.

Hand-thread the bolts that came with the cable guard into each cable guard mounting hole. Tighten each bolt with an Allen wrench.

Push the cable slide between the cable guard and the pulley cables of your compound bow.

Snap the cable slide onto pulley cables.

Test the bow at the archery range. Make sure that the cables do not bind and the bow fires straight.