Superset Shoulder Workout for Men

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Most men who aspire to improve their physiques want to build big, powerful shoulders. Well-developed shoulders convey strength, and help create the classic bodybuilder "V" shape. The weightlifting concept of supersets can help take your shoulder development to the next level, or help you break through any plateaus you may have encountered along the way.


Supersetting is a weight-training concept in which you perform one exercise, immediately followed by another without rest in between. Typically, a superset consists of two exercises, but you can add more if your fitness level allows. You can do a superset on opposing muscle groups like chest and back, on complimentary groups like biceps and back, or do different exercises for the same muscle group.

Rear Deltoids

Your rear deltoids are also known as posterior deltoids. For a rear-deltoid superset, pair two exercises together that work the back part of your shoulder, such as bent over dumbbell laterals and reverse flys or cable raises. Whichever exercises you choose, keep your elbows bent and pull the weight back with the rear deltoid muscles at the top of the movement. Rowing exercises with a straight bar that enables you to keep your elbows high are also a good choice.

Side Deltoids

The side or lateral deltoids help give you width in your upper-body physique. A side-shoulder superset will consist of cable or dumbbell side lateral raises, paired with an exercise like external rotations. Side lateral raises are performed with palms down by lifting the weights straight up to the sides. For an external rotation, lie on your side holding a dumbbell in your top hand, and position your elbow near your ribs so the dumbbell hangs in front of your midsection. Keep your elbow in place and rotate your forearm up, using your side deltoid to lift the weight. Perform the exercise on both sides.

Front Deltoids

Heavier exercises like overhead and Military presses are designed to strengthen the front, or anterior, deltoids muscles. You can do shoulder presses effectively with either dumbbells or a barbell. For a front-shoulder superset, it’s wise to pair your heavy presses with a different movement such as shrugs or upright rows. Use dumbbells for shrugs, and lift your shoulders straight up toward your ears. You can use dumbbells or a barbell for upright rows, just keep your hands close together and pull the weight straight up, stopping just under your chin.


Experiment with your shoulder-superset workouts to discover which combination of exercises and how many sets are best for you. Start with just one superset for each part of the shoulder and increase the number of sets as needed. Try to work up to three supersets for each part of your shoulder, per workout. Avoid doing any other shoulder work for at least two days between superset workouts, and scale back to singular sets if you experience any lingering discomfort in your shoulders. Work the rear and side deltoids first, to get your shoulders warmed and ready for heavier pressing movements.