How to Do Cheerleading Stunts With 3 People

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Typical elite-level cheer stunts, such as elevators, extensions and liberties, require four people. When you have a leftover group of three, you may be stumped about what to do with them. By altering a few typically coed stunts, your squad can come up with some three-person alternatives.

Walk-up Chair

Arrange yourselves in a line: top person, post and base. The top person faces the back while the post and base face forward. The top person and post grab hands, left grabbing left and right grabbing right. The base lunges with her left leg bent and slightly forward.

Load the stunt with your top person taking one step with her right foot and then placing her left foot up on the base's left thigh. The base quickly grabs the left ankle of the top person with her left hand and places her right hand securely under the top person's bottom.

Dip down as a group, bending your knees and then shooting straight up. The base and post should lift with their legs first and then their arms. The base turns the top person to face the front as the top person straightens to sit straight up on the base's hand.

Steady the stunt before letting go. The base keeps her grip on the top person's left ankle. When the top person feels steady, she lets go of the post's hands. The post should immediately turn around and step slightly to the right side, maintaining contact with the top person's legs.

Walk-In to Hands

Set up as you would for the walk-up chair, but have your base start in a squat with her palms up at belly-button level. She should have her right hand on top of her left.

Load in with the same walk-up approach as the chair, except the top person steps first with her left foot and then places her right foot in the base's hands.

Dip down deeply and shoot up with legs first and then arms. At the top of the ride, the base turns the top person's foot until she is facing forward. The top person should spin with her left leg close to her right so the base can easily grab it.

Settle the stunt down to shoulder level as soon as the base grabs the top person's left foot. The top person will be in a slightly bent over position until she settles and can let go of the post. Immediately, the post moves to the back of the stunt and grabs the top person's calves to steady her.


From a walk-up to hands, an extremely advanced base can press the top person up into a single-based extension or a one-foot stunt such as a liberty. The post must act as a spotter if this stunt is extended and may not assume support of the top person's weight.


Never perform stunts without the supervision of a qualified cheer coach.