What Is Kosama Exercise?

Kosama is an eight-week workout program designed to help participants lose fat, increase lean muscle and lose inches through a variety of strength training, aerobic, stretching and plyometric exercises. The program focuses on an individual’s overall conditioning, transforming the body from the core out. According to co-founder Kory Pohlman, what separates the program from others is that it is broken down into six different workouts throughout the week.

Origin of Kosama

The first Kosama fitness center opened its doors in the Des Moines, Iowa area in January 2010. The program was the brainchild of chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Kory Pohlman, financial specialist Matt Braet, and Sarah McDougal, whose contributing background is in yoga. The name "Kosama" comes from the "Ko" of Kory, "Sa" of Sarah and "Ma" of Matt. Their goal was to design an exercise program for people of all ages and walks of life, from finely-tuned athletes to busy mothers or executives.

Program Basics

Exercise classes are held six days per week for one hour each and several time slots are available on any given day. The aim of the program is to have a variety of non-repetitive, fun and high-energy sessions throughout the week to maintain freshness and interest. Kosama incorporates six different types of workouts, including plyometrics, kickboxing, kettlebells, upper and lower body strength training and yoga.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Monday sessions might include several plyometric exercises. Plyometric exercises train your muscles to react quickly with explosive power; jump squats, burpees and split squat jumps are all examples of plyometric exercises. Upper body and abs exercises could be performed on Tuesday and might include pushups, single arm overhead presses with hand weights and planks. Shadow boxing, punching a padded punching bag and performing round-house kicks with the bag could be done on Wednesday, the kickboxing day. Thursday could be kettlebells and abs day and might include single and double arm swings and crunches with the kettlebell, a type of hand weight. Lower body exercises such as lunges with hand weights and wall sits might be performed on Friday. To end the week, Saturday's hour would be spent performing several yoga poses.

Other Kosama Information

The exercise sessions are typically held in a Kosama fitness facility and in a group setting. Individualized online meal plans are created by a nutritionist and Kosama makes their own energy drinks to complement the plans. During the eight weeks, participants can choose a meal plan everyday with the correct number of calories to help them achieve their goals, make better food choices and jumpstart them into a new lifestyle. All Kosama facilities are franchises except the first, which is owned by the co-founders.

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