How to Do a Kick Full Basket

Portrait of a Group of Cheerleaders in a Line

A kick full basket is a stunt employed in advanced cheerleading. A variation of the basket toss, the move requires both a base and a flier. The stunt needs a strong base that is capable of throwing the flier into the air and catching her when she lands. Trained cheerleaders under the guidance of a professional coach should only perform the kick full basket on a mat or a grassy surface.

Create a Base

To perform a kick full basket toss, you need to have a strong, two-sided base with four members who interlock their arms together to create a square for the flier. Each cheerleader in the base should grip her left forearm with her right hand. Each member of the base then grabs the right forearm of another member of the base with her left hand. The base should be loose and flexible, able to move enough to throw the flier into the air.

The Basket Toss

The back base uses his hands to help the flier hop on the base. All the cheerleaders in the base and the flier must be in sync for the maneuver to work. Each cheerleader in the base bends his knees and the flier should put her right foot in the basket. The base members then straighten their legs while tossing the flier into the air. While the flier is in the air, the base should immediately prepare for the catch. The base members might have to reposition themselves to remain under the flyer and catch her.

Kick Full Basket

A kick full basket is a move that, in addition to the basket toss, has the flier rotate in the air. The flier begins the stunt by facing the back of the base. At the peak of the toss, she does a quarter turn, a kick and a pull-down. Rotating her body and kicking her leg in the air, the flier lands on her back. After she has completed the kick full maneuver, the flier should relax her body so that the base is able to catch her easily.


The kick full basket, just like any basket toss, is an advanced cheerleading skill often performed by college cheerleading squads or other high-level teams. Before trying the kick full basket, your team should be very comfortable with the basket toss. The squad can only perform the stunt on grass or a mat, not only for the sake of safety, but also according to college cheerleading rules. The kick full basket should be performed with a coach or trainer until your squad is proficient with this advanced maneuver.