How to Swim to Lose My Waistline

Woman in indoor swimming pool

Swimming does engage the muscles around your mid-section, but you’ll also engage the muscles of your lower and upper body as well. Trimming your waist will occur when you include swimming into your exercise routine, but to get faster results include a healthy diet alongside your workouts. By cutting calories from your diet and swimming for at least 30 minutes you will see your body fat shrink and your waistline slim.


Find a pool. Options for swimming pools include your local YMCA, gym or even universities or colleges. You’ll need to see which days or the time during the day the pool is open to the public or members.

Set small goals. Don’t just jump in and expect to swim for 30 or 40 minutes straight. If you’ve taken a break from swimming it might take some getting used to. Set aside two or three days per week to start slowly and increase the amount of time you spend swimming each workout. You should increase your total swimming distance by up to 10 percent per week and no more, according to “Shape Magazine.”

Work on your swimming technique. Swimming is an all over-body workout. You’ll see better results for your waist if you use proper form while swimming.

Swimming Exercises

Perform the Otter Roll. Break up your swimming workout with other pool exercises that engage the abs, back, butt and legs to trim down more quickly. “Fitness Magazine” suggests hugging a beach ball to the chest, float on your back and keep legs extended and feet together in order to start the Otter Roll. Roll toward the left and over the top of the ball using your entire body. Breathe after you’ve completed one full turn. Continue these rolls for 30 seconds and then alternate rolls to the right for 30 seconds.

Perform the Ball Lever. “Fitness Magazines” suggest using a beach ball to perform the Ball Lever exercise. Extend the ball out in front keeping legs straight and keeping legs together and behind you. Pull the ball underneath you drawing it as fast as you can through the water in an arc motion towards the thighs. Once you reach the thighs bend your elbows and bring the ball back to the surface pressing it forward to return to the start position. Take a breath and repeat for 30 seconds in total.

Perform the Wave Maker. Another excellent swimming exercise “Fitness Magazine” says to perform is the Wave Maker, which engages the abs, back, butt and leg muscles of the body. Face a pool wall and hold on to the edge of the pool deck with your left hand and put your right palm and fingers against the wall below the water for stability. Extend legs behind you with both feet and knees together. Initiate the movement with your abs and hips and transfer this movement to the thighs, knees and then feet. Kick hard and fast like a dolphin for 30 seconds creating the biggest ways possible.


Focus on proper technique for the upper and lower body individually. Use a kickboard to work on lower body technique. Use a buoy between your legs to work on arm stroke technique.


Consult with a doctor before starting a new exercise program. If you feel any cramping, pain or discomfort during swimming exercises, stop immediately and contact your physician.