How to Put on a Sports Protective Cup


A sports cup protects the testicles from injury during sports. The cup is design to absorb and redistribute the shock of a blow away from the testicles. Cups are hard plastic shells with an oval or elongated shape and may or may not include ventilation holes.. The cup fits inside a sling or athletic supporter. The cup should fit tightly without pinching. Cups come in different sizes for both youth and adults. Different sports may require different styles of cups, but you put on all cups the same way.

Put on a pair of close-fitting underwear. Tight knit boxer-brief or compression shorts work well to hold you in and prevent chafing. Loose-fitting garments can bunch up under the cup and cause chafing and irritation.

Pull on the athletic supporter, also known as a jock strap. The jock strap has a pocket into which your protective cup will fit. Adjust the jock strap so that it sits low on the hips. Some compression shorts have a built-in pocket designed to hold a protective cup. If you choose that kind of shorts, you won't need a jock strap.

Slip the cup inside the pocket in front of the athletic supporter or compression shorts. The cup should fit snugly around your testicles.

Take a few steps and move around. Do a few squats or lunges. If the cup moves around or pinches, adjust it to sit more securely. If it continues to move around or otherwise irritate you, try a cup in a different size or different style.

Put your shorts or athletic wear on top of the cup and athletic supporter.


Some men find they need to trim their pubic hair to prevent the hair catching under the cup and pulling uncomfortably.