Alternatives to Ace Bandages


Ace is a trademark for a bandage made of a long fabric strip with elasticity that is used to support a part of the body that is sprained, strained or broken. It can also be used to hold bandages in place over an injury or sutures. Many people keep Ace bandages on hand in their homes, but sometimes you just can't find one when you need it. Fortunately, a number of alternatives will suffice in a pinch.

Compression Garments

Compression garments can be used in place of an Ace bandage. This is shaped like the body part it fits over rather than having to be repeatedly wrapped. When fitted properly, a compression garment is less likely to cut off circulation to a wounded area or become loosened and slip off.

Air Casts

If you are using a bandage for support, you can substitute an air cast. This is a cushioned plastic device that acts like a plaster cast. It stabilizes the joint so it is less likely to become sprained or broken.

Rolling Gauze

If you are wrapping a wound, padded roll gauze can be used to replace an Ace bandage. Padded roll gauze will hold bandages securely in place, absorb wound seepage and keep a wound clean.

Self-adherent Compression Bandage

Self-adherent compression items look similar to an Ace bandage. However, these do not require clips because the bandage sticks to itself. This type of wrap is also lighter weight, and shapes to your body.