How to Wrap a Hip Flexor Strain


Located on the front of your hip, your hip flexors are the primary movers you use to create flexion between your upper leg and torso at your hips. According to Cook Childrens Hospital, a hip flexor strain usually occurs when you have your hip flexor stretched and then it contracts while being forced backwards. You can treat minor hip flexor strains by resting, icing the injured areas and compressing it with a wrap.

Bend you inured leg slightly at the knee.

Place the wrap at the bottom of your thigh, just above your knee.

Roll the wrap from the inside of your leg around the outside of your leg and continue until your have wrapped your entire thigh.

Roll the fabric wrap around your lower back and abdomen, then around your thigh. Continue this pattern until you have no fabric left.

Secure the wrap by taping the fabric wrap in the same pattern your applied it--placing a strip of tape around your thigh, lower back and back down to your thigh where the wrap ends


Do not wrap your hip flexor too tightly; doing so can impair or cut off circulation to your leg.