The Best Home Weight Benches

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If you're keen on getting in shape through weight training at home, two essential items are a weight lifting bench and a pair of adjustable dumbbells. These pieces of equipment allow you to perform dozens of strength-training exercises and get an effective workout without the hassles of visiting a gym. The market contains a vast selection of weight benches. Before you buy one, consider such factors as durability, price, quality, adjustability and ergonomics.

Ironmaster Super Bench

The Ironmaster Super Bench is ideal for serious weight lifting but won't break the bank. It is fully adjustable so you can perform exercises such as triceps dips, pullups and crunch situps. This bench is sturdy and has add-on attachments such as dip handles and a pullup bar that are not available at all with other weight benches. This weight bench is rated to 1,000 pounds, with a strong steel frame, making it best in class. The bench weighs 60 pounds without the incline seat, making it easy to move.

Body Solid FID225

The Body Solid FID225 adjusts to seven incline positions with a ladder-style back support and is sturdy enough for casual users. One of the best features is that this bench folds down flat for small spaces and easy storage. It is also sturdy, compact and has ample padding. Body Solid benches have been rated as the best weight benches available by consumer report and fitness magazines. The bench has an electrostatic powder coat finish that resists chipping and flaking, and allows for easy cleaning. Body Solid benches also offer an exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty for every part, including normal wear items.

Bayou Dumbbell Bench

If you're new to weight training, the Bayou Dumbbell Bench is a suitable option. It is multi-adjustable from upright, flat and preacher angles, making it versatile when you pair it with adjustable dumbbells. Additional features include a compact size, thick padding, a vinyl cover and optional dumbbell stands. In the flat position, the dumbbell bench is large enough to support your back and head even if you're taller than 6 feet. This weight bench features integrated dumbbell rack supports, with one support on each leg of the back frame that you can attach adjustable dumbbells.