How to Lose Pounds for a Weigh In


Wrestlers trying to get into a certain type of weight class, often use quick weight loss methods to drop excess pounds. This is typically achieved by getting rid of excess water weight. Water cutting methods can also help you lose weight quickly before other types of weigh-ins, like those performed by weight loss programs. Since dehydration is a potential side-effect of water cutting, you should speak to a doctor before using any techniques to lose weight.

Consume a reduced salt diet. Cutting out sodium from your diet acts as a natural diuretic. Avoid frozen food dinners, canned vegetables, soy sauce, lunch meat, chips and table salt to drop water weight quickly.

Eat plenty of water-rich fruits and veggies. Foods with high water content cause you to urinate frequently and drop extra water weight. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables up to two days before your weigh-in.

Replace protein with your usual carb options. Do not eat sugars and starches before a weigh-in. Instead consume a protein bar or protein shake after workouts.

Sweat out the excess pounds. “Fitness” magazine suggests doing a workout that makes you sweat a lot to lose weight quickly for an event. Mix cardio and strength training moves into a 45-minute workout. For instance, a sample routine may involve 2 minutes of running in place, 2 minutes of lunges, 2 minutes of jumping jacks and 2 minutes of push-ups. Repeat this pattern until you have worked out for 45 minutes.


Remember to drink a lot of water. Refusing liquids causes you to retain water and may actually cause you to weigh more when you step on the scale.


Don’t use dangerous methods to lose weight quickly. According to the "Cornell Daily Sun," the following methods have been outlawed by the NCAA: diuretic pills, laxatives, weight loss suits and enemas.