Navy Seal Pullup Workout


The United States Navy SEALs are a special forces unit of the military. The SEALs are highly skilled in swimming, demolitions, navigation and weapons. Becoming a Navy SEAL requires a high level of athleticism to endure the physical challenges of warfare. The SEAL Physical Screening Test requirements include six to 11 dead-hang pull-ups, according to the Navy SEAL’s official website. Performing Navy SEAL pull-up workouts will develop muscle while improving upper-body strength.

Perform pull-up workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To do a dead-hang pull-up, hold the pull-up bar with your hands slightly closer than shoulder-width apart and palms facing up. Hang from the bar with your legs straight and feet hanging toward the ground. Pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar. Lower your body down to the starting position.

Begin with three sets of dead-hang pull-ups for three repetitions on Monday.

Increase to four sets of four dead-hang pull-ups on Wednesday. Have a friend hold your feet to spot you if you cannot perform a full pull-up.

Test your strength on Friday. Perform as many dead hang pull-ups as possible without stopping. Rest for 60 seconds. Repeat for two additional sets.


Perform pull-ups on the assisted pull-up machine if you can't perform a full pull-up and don't have a friend available to spot you.