Can You Tone Arms While Walking

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Add Weight to Your Walk

One of the easiest ways to tone arms while walking is by adding a bit of weight. Weights are available in gloves and wrist wraps, which cannot be dropped as you walk. With added weights, you can either walk with your normal arm posture, or add exercises to tone and strengthen arms while walking. If you prefer not to walk with weights, you can still use the arm exercises, using the weight of your body to tone your arms and upper body.

Walk Your Way to Better Biceps

While walking at a comfortable pace, add a biceps curl to exercise arms while walking. Place your arms at your side turning your palms forward and your elbows in. Slowly lift your forearms, bringing your hands close to your shoulders and then extend them to your sides again. Repeat the biceps curls 15 to 20 times as you continue walking.

Tip Top Triceps

Bend your arms at a 90-degree angle so that your wrists are even with your sides and your palms are facing in towards your body. Straighten your arms slowly, extending them behind your body and pinching your shoulder blades together to tone the backs of your arms as you walk. Bend your elbows, bring your hands to your sides again and repeat 15 to 20 times. Make sure that you keep you back straight as you extend your arms back.

Learn to Fly

Chest flies are great walking exercises for the arms which also work the muscles of the chest. Bend your elbows slightly and draw them in to your center, bringing your forearms as close together as possible and tightening your chest and shoulders. Now open your arms out to the sides, keeping your elbows bent, engaging your upper back and the backs of your arms. Repeat the chest flies 15 to 20 times as you walk.

Keep It Natural

Rotations are very similar to your natural walking stride, but will help to tone the arms and chest. Instead of pumping your arms in and out, add small twists to the waist as you move your arms across your body, lifting your hands to shoulder level. As you extend and straighten your arm back, move it as far behind you as you can, making large, exaggerated movements. This exercises can be performed throughout your walk or used between other exercises.