The Best Power Yoga DVDs

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Power yoga is a workout featuring yoga poses presented in a way that makes you sweat and feel energized. The fast-paced, flowing sequences are designed to increase flexibility while strengthening muscles and balance. While many people attend a fitness center to experience a power yoga class, power yoga DVDs are available home practitioners. Choose one that fits your health and fitness needs while still staying true to the practice.

Choose a Skill Level

Having a working knowledge of yoga is key when beginning a more intense regimen, so base your power yoga DVD purchase on your yoga experience. Jumping straight to a video for advanced practitioners not only can be discouraging but dangerous for your body. You can find separate power yoga DVDs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can also find options that include all three levels in one video, which is more convenient and affordable.

Focus Areas

Ask yourself what you want to get out of your practice when choosing your video. Many power yoga DVDs are geared toward specific fitness goals for practitioners. Some common areas of focus are weight loss, stamina, strength, flexibility and total-body conditioning. Picking a video that matches your exercise goals will not only motivate you to work toward results but provide a positive experience throughout your fitness experience.

Meditation and Breathing

Self-reflection and enlightenment are both an important part of yoga and can be achieved through deep meditation and breathing, or pranayama. These meditation techniques are used before and after a yoga workout and can also be used as stress-reliever in tough situations. When choosing your power yoga DVD, ensure that the video includes guided breathing and meditation so you can get in the habit of applying this technique to your practice and everyday life.