Gold's Gym Pull-Up Bar Exercises

Female MMA Fighter doing pull-ups

Also referred to as a multi-training door gym, the Gold's Gym pull-up bar is not just for doing pull-ups. It is designed for you to perform several body-weight strengthening exercises for your upper-body muscles, including muscles in your back, chest and arms. Snap the apparatus to the top or bottom of your door frame or set it on the floor to perform additional exercises.


The Gold's Gym pull-up apparatus has a long straight bar with two smaller handles extending out from the middle of the bar. Attach the pull-up bar to the top of your door frame to perform several different pull-up variations. Place your hands on the foam pads in between the horizontal handles to do close-grip pull-ups. Grab the foam pads on the outside of the horizontal handles to do standard or wide-grip pull-ups. Turn your hands so your palms face toward you to do chin-ups, a slightly easier variation of the pull-up exercise. Grasp the horizontal handles to do neutral-grip pull-ups.


Dips target your triceps, the muscle that extends from your shoulder to your elbow on the back of your upper arm. To do dips on the Gold's Gym pull-up bar, set it on the floor with the curved handles up. Sit with your back to the bar and grab the curved handles with a neutral grip -- your palms face in toward each other. Extend your legs out in front of you. Straighten your arms, lifting your buttocks and legs off the floor and resting your weight on your heels. Bend your elbows, pointing them behind you, but do not allow your buttocks to touch the floor. Because the pull-up bar is not very tall, you will have a limited range of motion with this exercise.

Ab Exercises

Snap the pull-up bar into the bottom of your door frame and use it as an anchor for your feet. In this position, you can perform sit-ups, crunches and twist crunches. With the apparatus attached to the top of the door frame, you can perform hanging knee and leg raises for your core.


With the Gold's Gym pull-up bar on the floor in the same position as for dips, you can do neutral-grip push-ups. Grab the curved handles with a neutral grip and extend your legs out behind you in a push-up position. The neutral grip places less pressure on your wrists than a standard push-up as done on the floor.