How to Run Faster & Longer

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If you are tired of getting out of breath before reaching your running target, it's time to take action. Regardless of your experience as a runner, you can improve how fast and how long you can run. By making some changes to your current routine, you will be able to achieve both goals. The good news is that you don't need to train every day. With this plan, you can get faster and run longer by training only three days a week.

Go to a track or get on your treadmill. Begin running at your normal pace. Continue at your pace for three minutes or one lap. When your three minutes is up, sprint for one minute or half a lap. Walk to recover and repeat for one minute or half a lap. Repeat intervals for the duration of your session. If you have 30 or more minutes, go for it. Otherwise, 20 minutes of intervals is enough. Perform this type of run once a week.

Run for 30 to 45 minutes on the road, track, or treadmill, based on your current schedule. Keep track of your distance. Each week, remember your previous distance, and aim to improve, even if it is only by 1/8 of a mile. Every time you increase the distance you go in a set period of time, you have improved your speed. Perform this type of run, in the same set period of time, once a week.

Run several miles--3 to 10 miles, depending on your ability--at your normal pace. Work on maintaining your speed throughout the run. Once a week, preferably on a weekend, you should perform this as a long run. Each week, add a half of a mile to a mile. This will help you improve the distance that you can run.


Cross train two days per week to improve your overall fitness.


Be safe while wearing head phones; keep the music low enough so that you can hear sounds in your environment. Always watch for vehicles and cyclists while running . Wear reflective clothing when running at night or other conditions with poor visibility.