What Women Spectators Should Wear to a Golf Tournament

Two Female Friends Enjoying Beverage By A Golf Course

Golf is truly a spectator sport, with hundreds of thousands of patrons flooding golf courses annually to watch events on the PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA Tours. Golf is also a game of etiquette and honor, with many time-honored traditions governing play and conduct. Personal appearance for women is very important at golf clubs no matter what the situation.

Dress to Impress

Golfers typically wear sporty attire to the club, and attending a tournament should be no different. While most private or tournament-caliber courses have strict no-denim policies, these are rarely in effect for the tournament. Spectators can wear what they choose, but to show some respect for the game -- and to stand out in the crowd -- women should observe this policy. Typical golf attire, such as khaki shorts, polo shirts, golf skorts or skirts, leather loafers and athletic shoes, makes for casual and comfortable clothing for watching golf.

Consider the Temperature

Golf tournament attire has a lot to do with the temperature. For golf days with temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit -- as is common in the Southern states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Florida -- sleeveless shirts and golf skorts are definitely in order. Golf shorts could possibly be a substitute for the skorts. However, golf is played in the cold, too, and winter fleeces and long pants can get you through a round played with temps under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any Precipitation

The only elements that will delay, suspend or even postpone a golf tournament are lightning and the course becoming unplayable due to heavy rain. Most courses are built to drain quite quickly, so sometimes it takes torrential downpours to render the course unfit for play. This means that the competition will go on, regardless of lousy weather. Women will be well served to bring rain gear -- and extra cold gear -- for volatile weather days.

Comfort First

Golf spectators do a good deal of walking over the course of just one day. Women should take proper care of their feet. Tennis shoes are preferred golf tournament attire, with waterproof golf shoes coming in second. Sandals might look stylish, but the true spectator will cringe since watching golf requires long treks, sometimes directly through wet grass. Socks are also helpful and compliment the look. If you feel comfortable in a hat or visor, wear it to watch golf.