The Best Ashtanga Yoga DVDs

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Ashtanga yoga is a demanding and rigorous practice that can help develop physical strength and flexibility along with mindfulness, concentration and control of your breath. Popularized by Pattabhi Jois in the 1970s, ashtanga movements are linked to the breath and practices follow a specific sequence of poses, which are always executed in the exact same order.

Choosing the Best DVD

DVDs can be a beneficial way to establish a yoga practice at home as your time allows. There are numerous ashtanga DVDs on the market, however, the best DVDs will be those that are performed by teachers that you like and understand. Teachers can vary greatly in their personality and teaching methods, with some being on the strict side or more congenial; choosing one that resonates with you can help you to stick with the practice in the long term. Matching the DVD to your particular level is imperative for safety, learning and advancement; poses should be broken down into specific steps that are easy to follow. Keep in mind that most DVDs will provide a 90-minute session since a specific sequence of poses is performed during an ashtanga practice.

The Three Series

Ashntanga yoga consists of three specific series, which grow upon each other; the primary, secondary and advanced. Each series is progressively more difficult and requires a greater amount of strength, endurance and flexibility. The DVD that you choose should match your level of ability and experience.