The Best Free Exercise Videos Online

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Finding free workout videos is as easy as typing in a URL on your computer. Some are produced by fitness enthusiasts, and their lack of professional expertise makes them an unworthy investment of your time. Others are designed by fitness professionals, and their impressiveness makes you wonder if there's a catch. Some of these sites were created to advertise a trainer's services or to sell home exercise equipment, but this does not detract from their quality. offers exercises for every body part, using every type of exercise equipment. There are gym-based workouts, as well as stability ball, resistance band, weight training and balance equipment exercises. The site also offers an extensive selection of sport-specific training videos that use spiffy equipment such as agility ladders and plyometric training devices. You can even download the videos to your iPod or iPhone. The programs were designed under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Willardson, a kinesiology and biomechanics professor at Eastern Illinois University. was created for fitness professionals, but the site designers decided to extend their services to the general public. The site has over 800 videos. On the home page, click on a body part to view exercise videos for the corresponding muscle group. Fitness professionals can create a free website to display their favorite exercise videos, and bloggers can place the videos on their websites. Andrew Shim, an assistant professor in exercise science at Dakota State College, and Dr. Wayne Westcott, recipient of the IDEA Lifetime Achievement Award, are the fitness advisers.

Katherine and Kimberly Corp, former Radio City Rockettes, created The sisters own a Pilates studio on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The website has hundreds of free Pilates and Pilates-evolved workouts. Many of the exercises use the stability ball. The exercises are constantly updated. You can subscribe for free with iTunes or with YouTube. The sisters provide clear, precise instruction.