How to Slim Down Your Hips by Using a Treadmill

Fitness girl running on treadmill. Woman with muscular legs in

If your jeans are getting difficult to pull up over your hips, it's time to jump on the treadmill. Your dedication to a treadmill workout burns calories, which leads to weight loss and a slimming of your hips. Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce and tell your body to burn fat only off your hips; fat loss can occur over your entire body with a treadmill exercise program. Using incline will help to tone your lower body. Slim hips are the result of creating a caloric-deficit each day, so pair your workout routine with a healthy eating plan to avoid storing excess calories on your hips.

Warm up with a five minute treadmill walk at a pace less than 3.5 miles per hour to prepare your body for the workout. Set the treadmill at a slight incline, between 3 and 4 percent if you are an experienced treadmill exerciser.

Increase your walking speed to 4.0 to burn approximately 73 calories in 15 minutes if you walk on a flat road. Your calorie burn will be higher on an uphill incline. Aim to walk on an incline to target your hips and burn a higher number of calories toward slimming your hips.

Remain walking uphill for at least 20 to 30 minutes for a steady-state exercise routine that elevates your heart rate and burns fat for fuel, which slims your hips. Select a speed that leaves you slightly breathless, but able to talk. Increase your speed if you feel you can sing. Decrease your speed if you are unable to talk. Don't lean on or hold onto the machine - this reduces the effectiveness of the workout.

Include speed or hill intervals into your routine to burn a higher number of calories and target your hip muscles. For example, walk for one minute at 4.0 mph and then jog for one minute at 5.0 mph. Alternate the walking and jogging intervals for the duration of your session. Or, include hill intervals by walking on a flat road at a zero incline for one minute and then elevating the treadmill to a 5 percent incline for one minute before you return to a flat road. Alternate the hill and flat intervals and increase the elevation as your strength and endurance improve.

Cool down with a five minute slow walk at 3.0 mph and gradually decrease your speed until the belt stops, or is at its slowest speed.

Exercise for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes six days a week to see hip-slimming results. Increase your duration to burn a higher number of calories and faster results.

Eat a diet that contains fruits, vegetables, lean meats such as turkey and fish, whole grains, eggs, low-fat dairy and is low in saturated fat. Aim to eat approximately 250 calories less each day to contribute to your slim hips.


Speak with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.