How to Clean Your Softball Bat

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While a dirty softball bat is often an indication of a bat that has been well loved, over time, it can begin to look downright filthy. If you’ve noticed lately that your old aluminum bat has lost its shine, it’s time to consider a thorough cleaning. This is a simple process that won’t take you out of the game for long. In a matter of minutes, your softball bat can look as good as new again.

Wipe your bat with a soft, clean cloth to brush away any loose dirt and grime.

Mix dish soap into warm water to make it sudsy.

Dip a clean cloth in the water and wring it out well to avoid dripping.

Wipe the bat down with the cloth to clean it. Use a plastic or nylon scouring pad to clean stubborn areas that may need more attention.

Rinse the bat under clean running water to remove residual soap.

Dry the bat with a soft clean cotton towel.


Remove adhesive from your bat by dipping a clean cloth in olive oil and rubbing the adhesive away.


Avoid the use of harsh abrasives that may scratch your bat.